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The Juice

In order to create entirely new futures, we must turn everything upside down. The work that is conducted here seeks to intentionally queer and pervert current norms. Below is just a taste.

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A Narrative Provocation

The employment of the good vs bad narrative is pervasive and automatic. Yet despite studies showing that there is very little difference between story and reality in our brains, we have not yet critiqued the affect of this narrative on our society and identities. This provocation seeks to awaken the reader to such realities and contemplates a surprising exsitential question: who are we if we are not fighting a battle?


Re-Exploring our Moon Myths

Myths play an important role in human sense-and-meaning-making.  Our moon myths are particularly salient. While moon worship plays a significant role in several religious thought and believed to have an influence in our lives, as of late, they appear to be increasingly tied to reproductive cycles for womxn as a way to derive data on reproductive viability, thereby emphasizing reproductive labour. Through tarot, a story was developed to explore a wider range of narratives. The implications of such a story are explored in this work.

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Project Name

Coming Soon.


Project Name

Coming Soon.

You - Frame 619.jpg
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