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ZEMINA MEGHJI,M.Des Candidate, M.Sc

| Professional Generalist | Ontological and Epistemological Futures | Design for 100% of Planet |

Want different? Here I am.

I am interested in different ways of being and doing (3rd Horizon). 

I am the individual you bring in when your space understands the value of different and needs an injection of it. My no frills approach allows for clear communication around expectations and next steps.

I actively query, question and search for alternative ways in which we can sustainably live, eat, work, play in alignment with planet.

I am incredibly skilled with connecting big and complex ideas together to create a new integrated whole, consolidating big ideas, re-thinking workflows and process in creative ways and offering new and interesting alternatives.

I am an aspiring Futurist, experienced Business Designer and recovering Project Manager.

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