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Institute for Future Legislatures

Ryerson University


Took part in simulations at The Senate in Ottawa, to gain insight into political systems; engaged in discussions on democratic reform.

Master's of Science - Neuroscience

University of Alberta


Systems neuroscience with a focus on determining whether different mental states had an influence on episodic memory. I used a behavioural paradigm and utlilized statistics for analysis

Bachelor of Arts - Cognitive Science

York University


Developed theoretical and applied understanding on information processing. Undergrad Thesis focused on pupil dilation as a cognitive biomarker. Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Certificate of Project Management

Humber College


Learned about the formal processes and tools to effectively manage projects; operations, design, and financial

Bachelor of Business Administration

York University


Developed a strong theoretical framework on business; business operations, economics, management, marketing, accounting, and finance

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