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"I worked with Zemina to develop strategies to increase the number of internships for VISTA graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Through actively promoting internship opportunities online and providing internship information packages for new on-boarding students, there has been an increase of interest in internships from students as well as a higher number of internship applications that have come through. Zemina is great at responding efficiently to enquiries and requests from students and guiding them in the right direction. She is always proactive and willing to offer her assistance and advice. It is always a great pleasure working with Zemina!"

-- Rachel Sung, Industry Engagement Coordinator at VISTA

"Zemina has been involved with hEr VOLUTION for a couple of years now and she had helped us with developing an evaluation plan to help with grants that we submitted to various foundations.  The feedback that we received on these applications is that the evaluation plan had been one of the strongest categories on the grants. Additionally, Zemina had created survey forms for our programs to help us evaluate their effectiveness. This resulted in helping us create programs to benefit our clients with next steps in their careers as well as help us get corporate partnerships to help sponsor the girls in our programs. Furthermore, Zemina has worked with our team to help develop an evaluation plan for our latest program to help collect data from our students as well as executed a group evaluation and developed a report to help us better understand the effectiveness of the program. We are very happy with Zemina's work ethic and her understanding of our organization's mission and are very grateful to have her help us achieve our organizational goals. We strongly recommend her to any organization who is interested in delivering the best evaluation plan and report to help  them achieve their goals."

-- Doina Oncel, Founder of hEr VOLUTION

“Zemina’s knowledge of academia and graduate life has greatly benefited a number of my marketing and event campaigns. She has a good understanding of student expectations and helped me to improve the VISTA website by recommending different keywords and navigational structures. We also worked together to improve application processes and guides for grants and scholarships. By moving the process online, the new system has significantly improved the user experience and saved administrative time. With events, Zemina is good at identifying areas for improvement and has experience creating timely and well-structured agendas. In regards to the VISTA program, Zemina is good at thinking outside the box and addressing challenges. Unafraid of change, she is always available to offer advice and find practical solutions.”

-- Katherine Seton, Marketing + Events Coordinator at VISTA

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