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MSc, Certified PM

How do current mental models prevalent in Western culture shape our perceptions and cognitive biases? How do these biases, in turn, influence the design and structure of our cultural and societal systems?

As humans evolve, what and who do we want to evolve to?

Why is it important to redefine our higher-ed system and what can we do to make it work for everyone?

How does the structure & design of a program or project influence legacy planning and sustainability?

How do we design our institutions and government to address the needs of all its citizens?

I am interested in being part of addressing these systematic and complex questions.


I am equipped and a good fit to contribute to these discussions due to my varied educational and professional experiences.


My most favourite thing to do is to connect strange, unrelated ideas together to create simple, effective and creative solutions, be it at the micro-level where I am problem solving operational challenges, or at a macro-level where I am developing a program or project to address a need or challenge.

I live to bear witness to ah-ha moments during discussions, conversations, and strategy meetings, because it is within those moments that all of the ideas, goals, dreams and visions have all come together--where the puzzle all finally fits, where everything magically and suddenly falls into place; and isn't that such a euphoric feeling?

On a less abstract level: I identify needs/challenges and initiate, plan, and implement projects and ideas; whatever work the challenge calls for; I do. I'm different in my services because of my varied training (both within my formal education and professional experiences), but also because of my own personal viewpoints, upbringing, culture, and life lessons.

If you are interested in collaborating and/or have a project idea you want to make whole; do reach out -- let's see what magic we can create together.

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